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"A Culinary and Cultural Odyssey on the Bosphorus"

Prepare to be transported on an extraordinary culinary and cultural odyssey as you step aboard our Bosphorus Dinner Cruise.

The Bosphorus serves as the backdrop to a night of entertainment and gastronomy that celebrates the heart of Turkey.

The performances featured on our cruise are a testament to the nation's rich heritage, and the Turkish night show is a dynamic showcase of talent.

From the sensual grace of the Belly Dancer to the mesmerizing spins of the Whirling Dervish, and the lively Chipsy Dance to the fiery Tango and Salsa, every moment is a cultural immersion.

The Anatolian Folk Dance, Black Sea Dance, and Caucasian Dance provide glimpses into diverse traditions, while the Knife Show keeps you on the edge of your seat.

As the night progresses, the DJ Party Performance ensures a night of endless dancing and celebration.

Complementing this cultural experience is a culinary journey that takes you through the flavors of Turkey.

Our Standard Menu offers an exquisite selection of eight appetizers that tantalize your palate with a variety of tastes.

For the main course, you can choose from three enticing options: Grilled Chicken, Meatball that's sizzling with flavor, or the Grilled Fish, a fresh and wholesome choice.

Throughout your meal, enjoy unlimited soft drinks or local alcohols, catering to your preferences.

The evening concludes on a sweet note with Baklava and a Fruit Plate, completing your gastronomic adventure.

To ensure your evening is hassle-free, we provide complimentary transfer service from central hotels.

Whether you're a visitor to Istanbul or a local seeking a memorable night out, our Bosphorus Dinner Cruise promises an odyssey that intertwines culture, cuisine, and celebration on the waters of the Bosphorus.


Grilled Chicken


Grilled Fish

Vegetarian Menu

unlimited Soft drinks such as Coffee, Tea, Coke etc.


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